Justine Hart, LMT


"Justine is a wonderful massage therapist. I would recommend her to anyone!"  Doreen

"How refreshing to experience the soothing hands of Justine, whether in a "regular" or hot stone treatment.  I was trying to find a way to connect with my mom who has Alzheimer's and decided regular massages could be a good avenue to explore.  We enjoyed getting to know Justine and spending time with her for several years.  I recommend her whole-heartedly!"  N.M.

"Justine is a wonderful massage therapist.  She worked hard at making me feel good.  I left her house feeling much better." -B.G.

"Justine is a phenomenal massage therapist. Not only is she professional and thorough, she is gentle and soothing.  I have enjoyed every treatment I have had, and plan to return to Justine for all my treatments in the future.  Thank you for providing such a wonderful and relaxing atmosphere."  Courtney, Wethersfield, CT

" I have had massages in Hawaii, India, Boston, and now in Connecticut and I believe Justine is by far one of the best I've ever had, and definitely the most affordable! She's the only massage therapist I go to now." -Vidya, West Hartford, CT

"I was afraid to have a massage because I didn't know what to expect and am very shy. Justine explained everything thoroughly on the phone and when I got there, and took a careful history of my medical situation to decide how best to help me. I felt very calm and relaxed during the massage and left feeling very much soothed. Justine is attentive to every detail to help you feel at ease. I admire her as a sweet and kind woman and massage therapist." ~ Barbara

"I've been a customer for over three years and enjoy regularly scheduled massages.  On occasion I try something different and always come away relaxed and refreshed from the treatment.  The foot massage is especially lush.  Just one massage or treatment with Justine and you'll realize you can't live without her.  Do yourself a favor and become a regular." VRS

"Justine is a wonderful massage therapist. I have the pleasure of her services at my work which is most convenient.  Her home office is quiet, quaint, and relaxing to say the least.  Having many problems with my back, Justine has made it possible for me to get relief from constant pain, that now is almost non-existent!  I would/have recommend Justine to anyone who is looking for an exceptional massage therapist!" - Rebecca K. Bristol/Meriden

"Justine is just great.  She is very professional and always makes you feel comfortable during the massage and vitalized and refreshed after the massage.  I highly recommend her!" ~Nancy

"Justine is a skilled professional whose massage technique is unparalleled.   Whether your needs are for pure relaxation, or for specialized therapeutic massage, Justine provides exceptional service.  I especially appreciate how she individualizes and tailors each session to my specific needs for that day.  I have recommended Justine to all of my friends and family.  If you are new to massage, you will find that Justine can make anyone feel comfortable in just one session.  If you have had many massages in the past, then you are still in for a treat because this will be your best experience."  Barbara, Meriden, Ct.

"Justine is absolutely fantastic!.  I have been going to her for several years, and every time I go, I come away feeling relaxed and refreshed.  Justine makes you feels very comfortable and is so personable!.  I have recommended many friends and family to Justine and everyone comes away loving her services.  The quality, comfort level she provides and the price can't be beat!!"  Emily

“My monthly 90-minute massage resets my outlook and re-energizes me for the month ahead.”  Dwayne J., Meriden

“Having a massage from Justine in her inviting and comfortable massage room is a treat that everyone should give themselves at least once a month. Relaxing on the warm table allows every muscle you have to loosen and you leave refreshed and invigorated from her artful treatments. When life is so stressful that we put our backs and shoulders in knots, a trip to see Justine is better than any medicine that the doctor could give you."  CMD, Wallingford

"Justine is by far the best massage therapist I have ever had. She makes you feel comfortable and like a new person after each and every session. I would highly recommend her to anyone!"  Lorraine, CT

"Just wanted to drop a note to thank you for helping to alleviate my chronic neck and shoulder pain.   Whenever a troublesome area appears, you seem to magically know exactly what muscles to target during each massage session.  Thank you again for always creating both a personal and professional atmosphere."  Dave P., Meriden

"I just wanted to express my appreciation for the wonderful job that you do.  Whether it is a fifteen minute chair massage, a half hour massage that targets a specific trouble spot, or an hour deep tissue massage, you always make me feel incredible when you are finished.  I am almost don’t mind the colder weather that is coming, especially because I am looking forward to the warm massage table and warm mitts that you have available to place on my hands and feet.  Most importantly, I especially want to thank you for the warm environment that you always create no matter what the weather is outside."  Charlene P., Meriden, CT

“Ms. Hart's therapeutic massage is by far the most enjoyable experience one could ever had.  She is exceptionally professional, courteous, and accommodating of one's schedule or last minute request for services.  Her studio is peaceful--its temperature and lighting just right.  This, and her amazing technique, is the reason she has become my favorite all-time therapist.  It goes without saying I recommend her without reservation."  M.A., Farmington.

“If one has never experienced a personal state of "Nirvana", the closest you may ever come will be a massage session with this consummate professional.  Anyone can get a massage, but Justine's expertise brings massage to an art form...a total mind, body experience!  Thank you, Justine.”  Linda, Wallingford

“From one L.M.T. to another, Justine puts her heart and hands into her
work. There is just something about her work and I think it comes from
who Justine is. It shows in her bodywork and massages she gives.”  AM in CT